Pam’s Picnic Holidays


(I remembered it’s Wednesday so I’m doing creative!)

It’s nearly lunchtime as I write and I’m a little distracted… because I’m hungry and today we’re going on a picnic! Ever since Pam commented on Facebook about holidays as a child where her Dad would drive them all over Europe having picnics I couldn’t wait to try it. Maybe I’ll stop now and get back to you later with pictures….


(Some French desert)

Untitled 2

(Pam’s Picnic Holidays… this is definitely happening)


(Our picnic site – that’s the Loire)

I’m back from the picnic –  it was great! Lovely view, lovely food… not exactly a small French town but almost, it’s a small French campsite. Baby steps. We had the picnic area all to ourselves. Maybe it’s the Irish weather that trains us to be able to sit outside at lunch time? Fortunately, I had remembered the sun cream and the little fluffy clouds managed to shade us at intervals. We made the rolls ourselves: French bread ordered yesterday from reception, French brie (bought in France), French lettuce (bought in France) and some very nice apple chutney made by my mother-in-law. Yum. Maybe a little snooze to follow.

Dear Eilish – please send more, it’s very good! Mairead.

4 thoughts on “Pam’s Picnic Holidays

  1. Now all I wish for is to share it with you both! Never satisfied, am I???? The Loire area is so beautiful. Allan and I discovered Angers, a pretty little town with a beautiful chateau and the most awe inspiring tapestry. Can’t remember the size, it just goes on and on. Anyway, just carry on having a wonderful time.

    1. Morning Pam!

      Bonjour to you! You are completely sharing this with us! Every picnic and every small French town you’re there sharing a baguette and swotting the flies 😉 I will endeavour to send you enough pictures that you can feel it too! Thing is, I feel like I was with you and your Dad on the holidays you wrote about, so he’s here too, who else went along on those holidays? Do you have any pictures?

      We are very close to Angers, I think I’ve seen that tapestry. Funny how we forget the big things and yet remember the little things – they’re probably the important things.

      Ok, back to work… my automatic emails aren’t going out and it’s my brother’s birthday! Then the onboard water tank is nearly empty so I’ll be carrying water (for elephants!)… might be the next blog, water is a hot topic in Ireland, no one seems to want to pay for it!

      Moving south tomorrow, so be ready for a small town picnic at lunchtime and wear your suncream!



    1. Thank you, Dave, yes cute is perfect. We left the Loire early this morning and didn’t factor in Rochfort sur Loire 😦 we might be back. What is Vin Doux?

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