The eBook is out!

Well it’s finally happened…The eBook is live on Amazon! You might remember I mentioned it last September on this blog post in Creative Calm. So I wrote, edited, got scared, edited some more, went into a small decline, edited some more and finally figured out how to put it up on Amazon. Then there was another round of getting scared, editing, curling up in a dark corner and editing some more. Finally, I told my little sister, Moira, that it was ready. Telling her was kinda accidental, kinda on purpose. You see, she thinks I’m great. It’s best to pick someone like that when you want help breaking out of a fear cycle.

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(The eBook is here!)

My little sister has always thought I was great, ever since she first recognised me pushing her pram, carrying her in my arms or letting her play with my friends. So whenever I tell her about something scary I’m about to do or that I’ve already done she says something like “Get over yourself, that’s a great idea!” (that’s an actual quote, I never said she was easy on me.) And somehow I get over myself and I come out of the small decline or the dark corner and get on with doing my thing. Anyway, I told her and she went off and bought the book and then she started telling and selling and I woke up this morning to her overnight messages (she lives in Canada) about who had been responding to her methods and I realised I had to Get Over Myself. So this is me getting over myself and telling you about my first eBook. Yes, first because there will be more and yes I may be going into a small decline about that in the future but that’ll mean I’m doing my thing and sure isn’t that the point of life?


(She hates photographs but I had to show you her Get Over Yourself! face)

So, here’s the link for you to click:

It’s called Finding Graiguenamanagh (yes I know the title should be easy to spell…. next time…) and it’s about ten days we spent in Graiguenamanagh, Co. Kilkenny, a beautifully special place in Ireland. There are pictures and words and it’s very short. When you click on the link (all going well) you’ll be brought to where you can read the first chapter and where you can buy it… if you want. While I’d love you to buy it, I am working on not caring whether you buy it or not because that’s not my thing – writing the next one is my thing! Despite the anguish and dark places I have mostly LOVED this process and I will keep going and keep learning how to allow myself do my thing without fear.

Look Moira! I think I’m getting over myself! Mairead.

8 thoughts on “The eBook is out!

  1. Hey Mairead, I recognise that expression on Moira’s face! Allan is just downloading your book, can’t wait to read it. Of course, it goes without saying that the pictures will be beautiful. But just a quick question: how do you pronounce the name of the place??? Oh, and beside us last night in a restaurant in London, was a couple who spend half their year in their second home in Limousin. What a coincidence after I’d just read your blog post from there.

    1. Thank you, my special cheerleaders! Hmmm, Graig nAh Man Ah (Graig rhymes with Craig) hope that’s clear😃 Coincidence? Or message? 😃

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    1. Well how the heck are you, Teresa? And the little babes?

      My coach! Obviously Best Coach Ever! The first person I told that I wanted to do this – many years ago! Thank you for knowing, because I didn’t!!! And now that I’ve started I might as well keep going!

      With much gratitude (and a little sigh/sob thing) Mairead xxx


  2. Hi Mairead, just read your book and it was a lovely, enjoyable, wistful read – wow, you’re a real, live published author! Congratulations, looking forward to next one!! Keep having fun on your adventure …..

    1. Thank you so very much, Mary, I can hear your voice as I read! Sometimes the impossible finds a way to become possible through us…. x

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