Bye, bye, Wally…

I woke up this morning to discover that Wally had run away. It’s possible he wasn’t happy with all the travelling or he met someone else or he’s been kidnapped. I don’t know yet, I may never know but I suspect one of the Spanish pigeons. I left him out on the table last night because he was a little thirsty and rain was forecast. When I got up this morning his bed was on the ground but Wally was gone. I’ve climbed under the van, resulting in lots of concern from our neighbours and I’ve been out on the sun roof but no sign. We have to move on tomorrow and Wally can’t drive. Wally’s been with me for ages now, since well before his hair started growing, in fact I gave him his first hair cut. He was a gift from Linda, I don’t know how to tell her…Em, hi Linda…

It’s a sad day so I’ll leave you with the photos of Wally….

IMG 6917

(The day Wally’s hair started growing)

IMG 6916

(Wally’s first haircut)

IMG 6915

(Wally’s hair getting longer)

IMG 6914

(Wally enjoying some sun)

IMG 6918

(Wally’s empty bed)

I may have got too much sun yesterday, Mairead.