It took about a week to get to Lisbon last time. It will take two and half hours today. It’s neither better nor worse doing it this way. It’s just different. 

the starting point

  For one thing the man sitting beside me is not my husband. I don’t know who he is but already I’m very interested in him.

For another the lovely Ryanair (yes, I know!) flight attendant was very helpful when I got to my seat with all my worldly possessions on my back. He smiled, opened the overhead locker and placed my bag inside. It was then he noticed the walking sticks and the water bottle but his smile didn’t falter as he did his best to shove everything in. 



Everything wouldn’t fit.

That’s when I got interested in the man beside me. I’m sitting in a window seat and the bag returned to me over his head. Straps trailing ON his head… I apologised but he didn’t respond. Oh he’s annoyed with me. 

I don’t like when people are annoyed with me, but that’s not a useful way to be… this seems like the perfect opportunity to undo this kind of thinking.

the tram

 So I started paying close attention and already I’ve learned something big – he’s not annoyed with me! How do I know? I started looking for evidence that he wasn’t annoyed with me and found some.

As soon as the plane left the gate he stopped chatting with his friend and when the plane started to speed down the runway he grabbed both arm rests tightly… white-knuckle tightly. Oh….he’s nervous not annoyed. 

Well maybe I’m just not annoying…  Mairead.


About Mairead

I live in Ireland☘️ and sometimes travel with my husband in our motorhome. In April 2022 we will be visiting France, Spain and Portugal. I will be writing here.
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