the way

We got up early this morning and were on the road for 7 ish. I have a new respect for chilly morning air and I’m starting to miss rain…

Before I left Ireland I was excited  at the prospect of carrying my bag each day. I packed carefully, taking only the bare essentials. Well… I thought they were essentials.

walking along the old roman road

I happily trotted from the cathedral on day one but as the heat intensified and the road grew longer I began to wonder. By day two this carrying-my-bag thing was much less exciting.

Day 3 brought a new plan… bag collection. This is a miraculous thing. You book your accommodation for the night and a taxi to carry your bags and then you walk unburdened. I was getting excited again. 


tomato plants as far as the eye can see

Now I’m sitting on a tree stump. In spite of the lack of a bag I am tired. I did not want to stop. I wanted to push on. Strange. I knew I could stop, I knew it was a good idea to stop but I thought it would be giving up so I kept going for two more kilometers counting my steps to keep my mind occupied.


my view and my tree

Now here I am. I am listening to bird song sitting under the shade of a tree. It is 12.5 km to the next town but I am done. The nice man at our accommodation is sending his wife in the car to collect me. 

Sometimes it’s hard to do the thing you really need to do… Mairead.


this is the most i have walked in one day… ever! Ever!
Ps Lovely man’s lovely wife told me that today is the hottest day so far this year. She also brought me cold water! Then I checked my step counter and I had walked 25.6km! I am excited again!