I can almost see the sea from my bed…

IMG 5852

(There’s a breakwater from the beach out into the sea)

We’ve moved on from our campsite beside the boardwalk in Vila Chã. We spent two nights in a car park in the town of Estarreja, about ninety minutes south of Porto. Now today we are in another car park in Lavos Praia, an hour further south. And the sun is coming out! Oh and Denis’ computer is still not fixed! That’s why we are not travelling too far from Porto. It turns out the replacement part didn’t arrive from Ireland yet but when it does we will be well placed to rush back and collect it.

IMG 1343

(This was the view from the bed before the camper parked right next door – gentle rain and roaring seas)

We can see the sea from this car park and if there wasn’t a camper from France parked right beside us we could see the sea from the bed… but there is and we can’t! There’s a boardwalk here too but it’s only a little one and the waves have not been kind to it. This morning before I had my shoes on there was a lot of noise outside. I popped into my slippers to have a look. There was a crowd gathered around a small white van in front of our camper.

IMG 5791

(This Atlantic Ocean is very powerful)

I was a little embarrassed by my slippers but I needn’t have been as there was another lady in the crowd in her slippers and she was even wearing her dressing gown! Everyone was speaking French. Bonjour! Bonjour! It was the local bread man! He comes each morning to sell pastries and bread and he speaks French.

IMG 5833

(The beach, Lavos Praia)

As you may know I have been learning French for many years (…with minor success… I can say hello how are you but if you tell me how you are I cannot understand you…) so I joined the queue and asked for four bread rolls…. turns out my French isn’t up to Portuguese standards. But pointing works, I got my bread. We are staying here again tonight so I need to practice my French for the morning. If only I had a dressing gown.

Step 8. Acceptance, it’s not always possible to fit in, Mairead.