The Complain App

IMG 5913

(The end of a journey)

This week we are as far south as we’re going. That is, on the Algarve coast between the town of Lagos and the beach at Luz. Soon we will be turning around and heading home. I always find this bit difficult, like re-crossing a threshold when you’d really like to stay in the room. This time is slightly worse, when I thought it would be slightly better but there it goes… I’m grumpy and grouchy and frustrated and irritated and it’s like I have an app running, the Complain app…. and then I’m reminded of the washing machine.

IMG 1269

(Time to leave)

Say thank you to your washing machine, Mairead. Gratitude, do I appreciate what I have? Nope. I am sitting looking out at the sun, the temperature is increasing and it will be a hot day but unless I stay super aware all day I will forget that this is amazing, that there is hot sun and I am bathed in it. I will become busy searching for what is missing or using what is found or filling what is empty or emptying what is full. At some point I will sense a niggling discomfort but I will not realise it is coming from a place deep inside and it is whispering, Listen, you are alive, isn’t that amazing?  Instead of listening to the discomfort I will launch the Complain app and I will point an accusing finger at the discomfort and I will never know that the discomfort is me, wishing I would listen. You are alive, isn’t that amazing?

IMG 6356

(New life)

When it is gone, when the blue sky turns to grey cloud and the increasing temperatures turn to decreasing temperatures… I will remember what I had. And will I be grateful? Nope… I won’t, unfortunately, I won’t be grateful. I will launch the Complain app again and this time I will point an accusing finger at the grey clouds and I will long for the sun and the heat and the blue sky. I will feel the discomfort but I won’t hear it’s message… and I will never know that even in the grey cloud place, I am alive and that is amazing.

IMG 6052

(A new journey)

Unless… Ok I’m going to delete the Complain app! Then I’ll download the Gratitude app in it’s place. Every time I am tempted to complain I will become super aware.. like a prowling tiger. I will listen to the discomfort. I will hear it’s message. I will start to realise that no matter where I am and no matter what is happening and no matter how much rain is falling (or how many jobs I have to do or how miserable I feel) I am alive right now and that’s pretty amazing!

Step 16. Listen, you are alive, isn’t that amazing, Mairead?

P.S. Thank you to my two friends who reminded me about my washing machine. I am grateful.