Storks deliver babies, right?

2018 1

(A pair of storks)

We’ve moved closer to the sea. Haven’t seen the sea yet today but we are in a near-the-seaside town. There’s a lot of blue and white-painted walls and houses. I went on a fact-finding mission. Wandering along the streets gives you a certain amount of information about a place. Where the cafes are, the restaurants, the little grocery shops, the GNR (police), the craft market (yes, there’s a craft market here this week!)

2018 2

(Fresh water… not sea)

But it also brings up a lot of questions. This town is different and I’m not sure why… the road out-of-town in the direction of the seaside has blue and white gateposts. Was this town off-limits at some time in the past? There are quite a few stork nests in town. The storks always make their nests on the highest perch… like electricity pylons or factory chimneys. I was looking at one nest when I spotted another near a cross on the top of a building. I thought it might be a church or a house with a cross on top, but my way to it was blocked and each new road I thought might lead there was a dead-end. Why is the church hard to find?

2018 3

(Beautiful blossoms near the church)

Eventually, there was an open gate onto a sandy road and it seemed to be going in the right direction but the gate… maybe it’s private property? A dog may be preparing itself to take a bite from my nether regions. In the distance I saw the church door open, almost calling me forward. I risked the (potential) dog bite and walked on. It was a church. The door was open. I went in. It was cool. Looks just like the other churches. No questions here. No dogs either.

2018 4

(Splash of colour, cute up-cycled table from window)

After church I had a coffee and wrote in my journal. A car stopped on the corner. Another car came up behind it and beeped the horn. This is the first time I have noticed cars beeping at each other. I have noticed that they are very patient and accepting of a sudden parking decision and they just pull around the stopped vehicle. Not here, not today. The second car pulls up beside the first and a loud conversation with much gesticulating ensues. A third car coming in the opposite direction blocks the second car and joins the first two in beeping. A fourth car arrives and joins in, all cars move closer to each other. More beeping. Then silence. The first beeping car reverses and everyone goes on their way one at a time. A knocking sound makes me look up. A stork is clapping his beak, it sounds like one of those wooden clapping toys. It’s all go here.

Sigh, Mairead.