Have a Good Friday!

2018 1

(There’s a castle over the next hill)

It’s Good Friday today so I thought I might retell the week in the life of an Easter story…  

2018 2
(This is the view from the castle walls)
My Diary:
Sunday: Everyone loved me today, they think I’m the best so much so they were waving palm trees and singing to me.
Monday: Quiet day.
Tuesday: Think I’ll organise a party for the lads.
Wednesday: There’s a lot of work in a party, but I have the venue and the food sorted and Peter’s taking care of the wine.
2018 3
(Things got scary quick, I went up some stone steps and now I’m on a ledge)
Thursday: The party is going great! There was a bit of unpleasantness with that one person (you know who I mean) I thought he was a friend but he’s gone off somewhere now so all good. I feel so close to the lads, that’s why I wanted to take care of their feet.
Much later on Thursday night: I have a bad feeling about something, I need some air. I feel really lonely and I’m afraid and so tired. I have a weird sense something awful is about happen… Hey he’s back and he’s got a gang of angry-looking people with him. Where are the lads?
2018 4
(More steps but theses are safe)
Friday: No one likes me. Someone’s been making up stories about me and the Gardai are involved. It’s painful on so many levels. I feel ashamed. But at least my Mam is here, but she’s crying, this is probably not going to end well. It ends… badly. Something dies in me.
Saturday: Everything stops, I feel like I’m in limbo.
2018 7 1
(Old stone carving)
Sunday: Hey the sun is shining! Maybe things aren’t so bad. I met some of the lads on the road, we went for a meal – they realise I’ve changed. I got to help some other friends with their work and they don’t even seem to recognise me. Maybe it’s going to be alright. I think it’s time to leave this area, start a new job, maybe get a haircut? I’ll visit some of the lads to say goodbye and give them a little gift, maybe some tips I once found useful…
Hope this is a good Friday for you, Mairead.