2018 1

(There’s a line of orange trees on our street!)

Imagine fruit growing out on the street. Oranges. It’s possible they taste terrible but they look amazing. No one is picking them so maybe there are varieties that are just for decoration? We’ve seen lemons too but only in gardens. Imagine having a lemon tree in your front garden. Imagine picking a lemon to make a lemon drizzle cake.

2018 2

(A stone swirl on a building)

Imagine carving stone. Like it was hard butter. Imagine swirls and little stitches and buttons. And lace like the statue in Mafra.

2018 3

(Carved letters on the Bank of Portugal)

Imagine writing a letter in marble. Or a birthday card or a thank you card. Imagine the postman. Imagine the wedding invitations. Imagine marble as light as paper in your hand.

2018 4

(New growth on a tree)

Imagine growing old was a good thing. Imagine everyone cheers as you walk in the room. Imagine the President is always texting you, asking your opinion. Imagine the lines on your face are your fortune and you wear them like jewels.

2018 5

(Cute post box outside the campsite)

Imagine everything that happens today is for your good, your benefit, your pleasure. Imagine every bill is an award for a life well spent. Imagine each day is a new beginning.

Because maybe it is, Mairead.