Card Making Ninja

2018 1 4

(A selection of my Ninja work)

Ok, the situation is critical. I don’t want to complain… (no I actually do.) It’s raining again. I’m crafting like a Ninja, now. There’s steam coming out of my scissors. There won’t be enough occasions in the next 5 years to use all the cards I’ve made. On top of that there’s a small possibility I will run out of supplies. This is both a surprising and a happy turn of events.

2018 3 3

(We’ve eaten the spiced sardine paste…)

On top of the craft supplies running low, food is also running low. There’s plenty of porridge but we have started to eat gifts… Those of you who were formerly getting attractive paper covered tins of sardines will be disappointed. On the plus side I am using the attractive paper for crafts. So you’ll get a card – you just can’t eat it. Sorry.

2018 4 2

(More cards)

So, I’ll never have to buy another card and sardines are very high in Omega 3. Win Win.

Every cloud has a silver lining, Mairead.