We’re in Thierry’s House!

(Cute house in Clères)

We’ve arrived at a town called Château Thierry, I don’t think it’s our Thierry… unless he’s keeping his Château in France a secret? We haven’t seen the actual Château yet, we don’t know what size it is or even if it’s still standing.

(Tiny library in Clères)

The aire on the other hand is great. There’s little hedges around the pitches (€7) and electricity (€2) and there’s even a toilet and shower. It’s located right beside the river (which might be where the biting insects live…)

(Bullrushes in a picnic park in Clères. Yes, there’s a park with picnic tables, some covered. Plus, very well kept and supplied toilets! Thank you, France!)

And there’s free WiFi! Well sort of. If you stand by the fence near the McDonalds you can have their WiFi for free! Yes it’s beside a very fancy McDonalds with colorful art on the walls, book shelves with books and comfy armchairs with sockets to charge your devices! We bought a coffee and even that was good. Denis has his eye on a blue cheese and bacon burger for dinner. Don’t judge us…

(Flowers everywhere in Clères)

There’s a cycle path beside the river so I may head in this afternoon if it gets a bit cooler. (Oh forgot to tell you, the weather had been magnificent since we started moving south. In fact a little too magnificent – we’re roasted in the middle of the day, but the up side of that is we’re making tonnes of electricity!) Unfortunately, the town itself doesn’t get a great score with reviewers so I’m not promising pictures, fortunately, I still have some left over from beautiful Clères.

Powered by the sun and McDonald’s WiFi from Thierry’s Château, Mairead.