On a Schedule

(There’s an area for campers on the left of this car park, we’re on the extreme left)

We’ve moved on again, just an hour south to a pretty little town. The aire is in the market square and if we’re still here on Friday night we may turn into traders because the whole place becomes a market on Saturday morning. Which would be a nice thing to see… so long as we’re not accidentally parked in the middle of it! I suppose we could sell tea and coffee? And I have been making cards… although I might need more than eight… unless they’re not popular… ok stop, we’ll be gone by Friday.

(The church bell chimes every hour)

We’ve got into a bit of a routine this week which is very pleasant. Sometimes when I’m stuck in a rut I dream about having no routine at all but it turns out not to be as attractive as I thought. For the first week before I found one I was sleepy all the time and that’s no fun. Now I set the alarm for 7am, hop out of bed to turn it off (it’s on the table overnight so I am not tempted to turn it off and turn over for another snooze – I have been there…) get dressed and start my meditation.

(It might be autumn…)

Twenty minutes later (well, twenty if I’m very good, ten if I good-ish) it’s time for breakfast. As always I’ve brought two bags of Flahavans porridge from home and that’s what I have every morning with nuts and seeds. By that time it’s almost 8am and Denis is up so we lock all the cupboards, turn off the gas, roll in the step and drive off. Within the hour we are parking up for the day. There’s room then in the schedule to find a café and have a real French coffee or we make an Irish/ French one. After coffee I’m off to find pictures and Denis is off to work.

(Love French shutters)

There’s time for me to get some work done before it’s lunchtime, which we usually make ourselves. By 2pm it’s back to work for Denis and I start the blog. When that’s done it’s on to crafting. I’ve brought just enough supplies to keep me satisfied but not enough to confuse me. What I mean by that is if I have so many supplies I can’t decide which one to do I’ll hop from one to the other, not quite finishing anything. Lately I’m very interested in finishing.

(My ceramic white buttons are a work in progress, next step gluing on clasps)

So I’m concentrating on card-making (small enough to fit on a lap tray) and mixed media journaling (messy enough to get me out of my head) and pin-on ceramic buttons (to sell for a charity project.) After an hour I’m ready for reading and planning work projects which brings us up to dinnertime. Dinner’s usually around 7pm.

Right, it’s 3.30pm, time for crafts! Mairead.