If this is your first visit…

If this is your first visit to the blog, Welcome!

(That’s me back in 2010 when we travelled by motorbike)

My name is Mairead Hennessy and I write about travelling with my husband, Denis. We live in Greystones, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Since 2015 our vehicle and accommodation has been our motorhome, Ruby. Before that we travelled by motorbike and stayed in AirBnB’s.

(This was my view on the bike)

I remember the exact moment we started to think travelling for bigger chunks of time was possible… It was 2001, we were both 40, we were in Paris, we had two children (13 and 10) and we had left them at home. No, not alone, both of our mother’s were taking turns minding them for a week. (This might be a good place to express gratitude to our Mammies. Thank you, Mammies!)

(Here’s Denis and me France 2017. Photo credit: John Newman)

We were sitting at a pavement cafe on the Champs-Élysées sipping coffee and watching stylish French people go by. I saw a small (low powered) scooter and I said to Denis, didn’t you always want to get a motorbike when you grew up? (I should have been more careful but I was full of the joys of a week in Paris with no commitments and he really did love motorbikes when he was 18). I had seen a scooter and said motorbike. He heard motorbike and (in his mind) saw a BMW 650. It was too late when I realised my mistake, he was never going to go for the scooter…

(Bikes get the best spot on a ferry – right next to the exit!)

It took seven years but in 2008 Denis had his motorbike, a touring one so in August 2010 we travelled around France for a month and I blogged. Since then each year we travel and blog. We can do this because Denis works as we go – he writes apps for iPhones.

(Now we travel by motorhome. Her name is Ruby)

At the moment (September 2018) we are in France. I have put a few links below to help you find the beginning blog for each period of travel. If you want to get new blog posts delivered directly to your email click (or tap) on the Sign me Up! link somewhere on this page. If you have any questions or comments or you’d like encouragement to start your own travelling you can reach me at mairead@hennessynet.com.

All is well, Mairead.

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