Le Mont

(Le Mont St Michel. Sun was just gone down)

We arrived at Beauvoir (means beautiful view) last night about ten minutes before sunset. Beauvoir is a motor home site within walking distance of Mont St Michel. We plugged in the electricity and took a brisk walk to get a view of Le Mont before it got too dark.

(The front door!)

I love this place. From a distance. Up close. Or walking on the ramparts. There’s something aesthetically pleasing everywhere you look. And the place just feels good too. You do have to pay way more for your coffee and croissant but you’re eating in a cathedral.

(Main street)

After the quick walk we went back to the van and Denis cooked dinner while I finished yesterday’s blog. I was asleep before 10pm.


Then this morning we walked all the way to the free bus (2.5km) and were walking through the gate by 9am. We had our breakfast – takeaway Nespresso machine americano and croissant. And it’s yum because we’re here and sometimes when you think a place is great it doesn’t matter how the coffee’s made!

See you tomorrow, Mairead.

(The van water is free when you stay the night. That box in front is for emptying the toilet casette…)

Motor Home Parking Details: Aire de Camping Car de Mont St.Michel, Beauvoir.

GPS coordinates: 48.593295 -1.512965

Overnight: €13.50 includes water and electricity