What to do in Furadouro

(Look at those great clouds)

I’ve finally finished telling you about Porto. That was last Saturday and today is Wednesday and we have some catching up to do. First of all the fuel tanker drivers went back to work. That means there are no more queues at the stations and we won’t have to drive to Spain to top up.

(The Portuguese know how to enjoy nature)

Our next stop after Porto was Furadouro, we’ve been here before, it’s a seaside resort and there’s free parking behind the sand dunes. We arrived on Sunday afternoon and the car park was full but by 8pm most had left. That’s because it’s a weekend destination for Portuguese motor homes and after they have shared a big Sunday lunch and washed up they go back home.

(There’s a boardwalk from the car park to the beach)

There were showers of heavy rain but we managed to get out for a walk in a dry spell. I think that’s something I need to get used to – it rains, more than I expect or want! In the past two weeks it’s probably rained every day but not all day. The other side of the weather is that when it’s hot and dry we attract mosquitoes and they love to bite us. They don’t bite us when it rains… hmm

Starting to appreciate the rainy days, Mairead.

(Furadouro is the yellow dot to the west of Ovar. Parking free, no services but near ocean, restaurants and small supermarket)