How to sit in nature…

(I loved this place)

After Lisbon we went to Setúbal, the place the train would have brought us to if we’d stayed on board. We arrived on a decent sized road and as often happens our sat-nav system decided we would appreciate some short cuts through the town. We never appreciate them.

(Early morning at Setúbal)

After a couple of reverse back up hill maneuvers we stopped obeying her (she has a female voice) and stopping in the middle of a junction to work out which direction might be widest. The locals were very kind, they did not beep, they’ve probably seen this many times.

(The town is very green and pretty)

Eventually we found the best route to the municipal campsite. Although the road was narrow the view was immense. It was Sunday afternoon the sun was shining and we got the last spot facing the sea. A light breeze made the perfect accompaniment to my cup of tea with a view.

(With lots of art)

I had been in training for this moment since the Spanish beach at Foz and I knew what to do. Sit, sip and smile. That’s what I did for two days.

(The world definitely does)

We had arrived without going to the supermarket (big mistake) and there were no shops or restaurants nearby so when the last pot noodle was eaten we had to leave paradise.

There’s no bread in Paradise, Mairead.

(There’s Setúbal, Municipal Campsite, €12 parking, electricity extra, magnificent toilets and showers included, sea front spot if you’re lucky)