Optimistic Outlook

(Bad…? Not too bad…?)

The following morning we left early but not before Denis spilled his coffee. Every morning Denis makes a travel mug of coffee and sips it throughout the day.

(Sunset in Torre de Moncorvo from our parking spot)

In the early days he used a Nespresso machine but that won’t work with the solar electricity (I don’t understand why…) so now he uses an AeroPress. It’s become a bit of a ritual with him. He boils the kettle, assembles the parts of the press, measures exactly one scoop of coffee with the special scoop, pours in the boiling water, takes the special stirrer and stirs for a precise time.

(Breakfast with a view)

Then he takes a little circle of filter paper, wets it and places it in its holder, then screws the holder onto the press. Another precise amount of time passes and he inverts the press onto the mug. Pressing firmly on the AeroPress shoots the hot water (now turned into coffee) through the paper filter into the mug. Never a problem… until this morning.

(Can you see the tower? Torre?)

I was alerted by the, oh shit!

Are you ok?

I’m fine, just spilled my coffee.

Oh no, is it a big mess?

No, it doesn’t look too bad.

Yes it did look bad. I think this might be the definition of the difference between an optimist and a pessimist. At least it smelled good.

(Sunset makes everything look soft)

Our next stop for the night was the town of Torre de Moncorvo. They have a lovely camper van stop on a hill overlooking the town. We had planned to eat out that night but I was concerned about the gradient… it looked steep. Downhill all the way to town but uphill on the way back. Besides, we had plenty of pot noodle left in the larder. Denis, on the other hand, was looking forward to dinner out, it’ll be a pleasant 25 minute stroll.


As well as the distance and steps I walk my steps app tells me the number of flights of stairs I climb. Our pleasant stroll was the equivalent of 43 flights of stairs…

I was not wrong about the gradient, Mairead.

(Torre de Moncorvo: Free Parking, toilets, motorhome facilities, picnic tables under shade,. Restaurants a pleasant 25 minute stroll downhill.)