Preserve everything except the bread

Pretty park in Loulay

We arrived in a small French town called Loulay on Saturday afternoon. Something about a French town inspires me. Not sure if it’s the houses made of stone or the walls made of stone or maybe it’s just the stone.

Half of a school building – the girls half – it was too big to fit the boys half into the picture!

Or maybe it’s that everything seems to be old and falling apart but in a beautiful way. They don’t get rid of something just because it’s a bit dilapidated looking, they mend it and staple it back together.

Look at the colours on this old rusty door

Like the reuse, recycle, sustainability concept but in practice.

There’s us parked in a frosty field

To remind us we are part of something bigger, something older, something long gone but still alive here in the French village…

The Boulangerie. Notice the opening times.

Like the bread… it’s available fresh every single day at the Boulangerie. If the baker wants to go on holidays, he must organise a way to get bread to his customers. We were directed to get our baguette from a bar once in a small village when the baker was on holidays. And that bread is protected by law. From preservatives. There can be no preservatives involved in the baking of the bread. That’s why you need to eat it fresh (although it tastes good toasted next day.) But could it also be better for you? Please say yes!