The Weather Show

Here comes the Weather Show!

And then the rains came. Storms all over central France. Bringing a weather show like we haven’t seen in Ireland.

Raindrops and green leaves

The stage opens with the temperature rising, humid damp heat follows your every move. Don’t move! Except to open every window and door. The skies slowly fill in with white clouds turning to grey clouds. Then something shifts.

The navy blue sky

The sky grows darker, darker again, almost navy blue. And here comes the music – booming thunder. And the light show – streaks of lightening. And the finale – beating rhythm of torrential rain while we race to secure the roof windows. And all for free.

Raindrops and River

And then it’s all calm again with a cooling breeze, sunshine and fluffy white clouds.

Fluffy clouds return

The heatwave in Spain has made us very grateful for weather, any weather. (Well, any weather except weather with temperatures that start with a 3 and are two digits long.)

Another show tomorrow

By the time we return home at the end of this month we will have forgotten the heatwave and be wishing for a few extra degrees, in the meantime we are enjoying the rain.