Peace Rains

Ruby in the rain

We left Rosslare (Ireland) to sail to Cherbourg (France) last night and we’ve arrived. The crossing was grand – not too wavy. We both noticed the staff on the Stena ferry were the friendliest they have ever been and one in particular was very thoughtful.

Rain gushing down as we approach Cherbourg

Denis was set up nicely in the restaurant after breakfast working. He was still there at lunchtime when one (there were two) of the French secondary school tours arrived to eat. He was asked nicely by a Stena manager to move from the restaurant and he came back down to the cabin (where I was sleeping – body clock bit mixed up).

I love French doors!

Anyways, later we were having a very nice toasted sandwich and tea when the manager who had moved Denis came over with two huge muffins. She said she felt really bad and wanted to apologise with cake. We were speechless… which means we didn’t get her name. What a lovely thought. Aside from the cake, the fact that she went out of her way to acknowledge him was a gesture we really appreciated. Plus, I got cake for no reason!

Can’t you see the parachute? And the soldier?

Tonight we are staying in a town about 30 minutes from Cherbourg called Saint Mere Eglise. Earlier I got a text from my friend. She’s healing from two knee replacements (and loves to research while she heals) to tell us it was the first town to be liberated at the end of World War II.

My friend is a research ninja!

There was also a movie made about the American airborne soldier who got stuck on the church spire hanging from his parachute. We have been here many times and I always love the feeling of the place. Yes it’s for the tourists but also it’s for the hopeful ones who want to hear a happy ending. The soldier survived, the war ended and peace returned to the land. Peace, calm, tranquility, quiet, stillness, serenity are the feelings tonight as the rain falls on our roof and we prepare a leftovers dinner with muffins for desert. Living the dream.

Sending a drop of peace to you and yours❤️