Are we there yet?

Last night in France

It’s been four days since we left Ireland and already we’re in Spain. Surprise! Well, it certainly is a surprise to us but also we were possibly a little too ambitious… Neither of us is feeling full of joys. It turns out inner joy is the secret requirement for a life lived so close to each other. But sure, here we are.

Driving from Saint Mère Èglise to just south of Cholet

Before I tell you about this beautiful spot we found just over the border on the north coast of Spain I want to tell you about our last night in France. We were in the most peaceful place just south of the city of Cholet (see map above). I think it must be a busy camping/fishing place during high season but for now we were alone.

There’s a row boat!

The sun was shining as we left the motorway and drove along progressively narrower and narrower roads until we arrived at a closed barrier with a French handwritten sign. Using Google Translate (you can take a picture of handwriting and it will do it’s best to read and translate) we worked out we had to go back to the house with the green shutters to get access. I walked back and the bell was answered by a woman. Bonjour Madam, camping car ce soir?

See the water running through/under the house?

Somehow we worked out that she would follow me back to the barrier but in the meantime a very French man (her husband, possibly) arrived in his little white van. Bonjour Monsieur. I wish I could have taken a picture of him but I thought that might be too rude, how do you politely say, you look so French can I take a picture of you? How would you feel if I said, you look so Irish I would like to take a picture of you? Maybe he wasn’t even French? It was his black beret hat and his little white van that got me… but I didn’t ask.

The boules scoreboard!

Monsieur led the way into our home for the night. An old stone house (might be the bar and reception during the summer?) sat at the end of the driveway. There was a river running through the house and around it. Yes, through… There was also an outside toilet, electricity point, an outside sink for washing dishes and a hose to fill our tank. Plus a huge dose of all the peace and quiet you could ask for… which is starting to feel like the theme for this trip.

Night, night

When Monsieur left someone else arrived – a little yellow bird who fell in love with the little yellow bird in our side mirror. And the sun shone until bedtime. We had another leftovers dinner and slept soundly until morning when yellow bird came back to continue his courting.