On Rocky soil

This way…

The week before we left on this journey to Portugal we went to the Burren in Co. Clare. We saw the beautiful barren rocky landscape and we never expected to see something similar in Spain but we did.

Along the path…

Following our trusty guide app we left Guernica and travelled in the direction of Burgos and came to Puerto de Orduña. The scenery was beautiful. We never guessed down in the valley that the amazing cliff rising up in the distance was where we were going next but it was.

Unfortunately, I have no photos of this because a series of hairpin bends meant I was hardly able to take a breath let alone take a photo. On and on, upward and upward we went reviewing where we had come from each time we turned the next bend. Not quite believing there could be more of them… but there were.

Little flower peeping out

Finally, we reached a plateau and were guided to a car park. Here we were to walk to a waterfall. Somewhere along the way there had been a place to stop and enjoy the view but it was not to be, the glimpses along the drive were all we had. No worries a walk was exactly what we needed, lots of processing of the museum of peace needed to be done.

Moss covered rocks

The sign in the car park said there was something in 3km. Maybe the waterfall? Sure even if it isn’t that’s a grand walk, so we set off. Almost immediately we saw similarities with the Burren. How could that be? No idea! We walked through a shady forest and saw tiny flowers, moss covered rocks and bare flat stones. There were markers on trees and sometimes on the rocks or small stakes to guide us along. When we had reached the 3km there was no sign of the waterfall and it was hot. We had walked enough today, we could be kind to ourselves… and go back.

Bare flat stones

Walking in that place was very peaceful, gentle peace, inner peace, making peace with ourselves.