The end of the world

Wild flowers growing along the path

We travelled to the edge of the known world on Friday, Sagres. Well the known world before the Americas were discovered. And that might never have happened without Prince Henry the Navigator. Prince Henry grew up in the 1400’s. He was also the Duke of Viseu, remember where I left my bag in the cafe? Born in Porto but died here in Sagres.

Sagres looking out towards the lighthouse of Cabo de São Vicente

Henry was a Portuguese prince who poured loads of his father’s (the king) money into researching and exploring. He hired cartographers and designed (or had designed) a sail boat called the caravel. The prince sent his new sail boats to Africa in search of gold.

Path to the sea

By the time Prince Henry had died, the trade of humans from African had become a business. Not everything exciting and new is good.

The waves lapping

These days the sea around Sagres is very popular as a surfing destination . You can hire boards and wet suits and go on tours of the best surfing spots in the Algarve. The car parks are full of camper vans and motorhomes with surf boards on the roof.

The surfers surfing

We forgot to bring ours so we watched instead. Maybe next time.