The Storks

A tiny bit of the castle walls and the Cathedral, Silves

This is a very quick note because it’s way too hot to think today, over 33 and still rising! But I nearly forgot to send you the storks!

Stork’s nest on top of a telephone pole opposite the motorhome parking

We stayed in Silves before Sagres. We’ve stayed there before and seen the storks and goats beside the motorhome parking.

Close up of stork from previous photo. Can you see the smaller birds? They have nests in underneath

I still know very little about Storks except they like to build their nests high up on the top of narrow poles or chimneys or electricity transmission towers. We’ve seen up to 7 stork nests sharing one of those transmission towers!

Storks at the supermarket

The same nests seem to be used each year, whether by the same storks or not I don’t know.

And close up of the supermarket storks

And the nests are huge. So big the smaller birds build their nests as part of the stork’s nest just underneath.