Poio Pictures

Palm trees at Poio

With all the food pictures yesterday I didn’t have space to share the peaceful park up about 20 minutes drive outside Pontevedra, called Poio. So here’s some calm for a May Monday morning…

Blue sky, blue sea, stone slipway

While Denis worked I sat listening to the water and the birds and taking one picture after another. Plenty of Camino pilgrims passed and as I was wearing a small rucksack I looked like I belonged there too. Many wished me a Buenos días (good morning) or said Ola (hello) as they walked on.

This way to Santiago de Compostela

It wasn’t until the afternoon I noticed all the stone blocks in the park had writing on them. I went around trying to read the inscriptions.

“I only ask one thing of you if one day my people should need me that you will help me do my duty” Aung San Suu Kyi (Burmese politician/diplomat/author)

My favourite view is of the red tiled houses. I’m going to have a go at painting a version of it. From a distance it looks like the houses are all higgle-piggly but of course they’re not.

Higgle-piggly houses view…

They’re organised in streets that we can’t see from this distance. People walk up and down those streets every day going to and from their homes.

Closer view

Very, very grateful to this community for setting aside beautiful spaces like this for our use.