Be the Hero!

What do You Want?

  • Bring a sense of peace and calm back into your life
  • See yourself as the powerful being you are
  • Get a sense of your own strength
  • Live your life from your core values and principles
  • Understand you have choices
  • Have a new way of looking at your challenges

You can choose

If you could choose anything and set that as you life’s goal – what would it be? If you don’t know what you want, then dream your dream life. Now….. what do you want?

Live your life as the Hero

Try a little experiment for me, please. Think about your favourite movie, just pick one. Now consider the Hero in the movie. When you’ve done that take a moment to remember him/her at their finest hour. You know, the scene when they can do anything, they’re at their best, they know it and everyone else knows it too. Now think of how things would be different for you if you could live your life as a Hero, in your finest hour. You’re at your best, anything is possible, you know it and everyone else knows it too.

That still, quiet place

There is a still quiet place within each of us and when we have access to that place we are rewarded with peace and calm and a deep reserve of wisdom. In our daily lives as we rush around fulfilling one responsibility after another we often forget our responsibility to ourselves. The responsibility to live YOUR life. You only get one life, is this the way you want it to be?