Be the Client

Generally my clients come to me because they’ve heard the “Call” but don’t know what it means or what to do about it. When we meet they are sometimes at their wit’s end and usually a bit frustrated. They don’t want this present situation to continue but they also don’t see a way out.

When I meet clients first we spend a short time talking about “the problem”. We spend more time talking about what it was like before there was a problem. We spend most time talking about what it’s like when it’s great – the Great State!

Now in the beginning some clients don’t want to talk about when things are great. They’ve come along to talk about “the problem” and they don’t want to be wasting their time or money talking about a something that’s gone. To them “the problem” is the important thing. Sometimes they can’t even remember a time when things were great.

In my work “the problem” is just a waving flag that some great adventure is about to begin and you need to use resources from the Great State! In case this seems a little wacky let me explain more….

In the past when a particular part of your life was going well, unknown to yourself you were in the Great State. It came naturally to you. You said the right words, you made the most useful decisions. You were flowing and the world was flowing along with you.

When things are going badly and life is full of problems with no solutions then the flow stops and you can’t seem to connect with your Great State.

That’s when I can help.

During our sessions I teach you how to connect with your Great State at anytime, how to recognise your adventure, how to find out what you want, to notice the patterns that are not working for you, how to set your goal and how to continue your journey. The energy at our sessions is informal, encouraging and focussed.

We meet (in person or by phone) each week for an hour and you will know when you are ready to continue the journey on your own (typically anything from six to ten sessions).