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On the coldest day so far…

(Don’t let the sunshine fool you – it’s cold here. Loving my new bowls, Sally!) I’m back to getting up early and if I managed it this morning I’ll manage it anytime. It was freezing in the van. The thermometer … Continue reading

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Nice cow

We are continuing our journey along northern Spain… slowly. We’ve reduced the driving time to an hour so Denis can work as normal. And we are zig zagging across the motorway (not as dangerous as it sounds) to spend a night near the sea followed by a night in the hills. Continue reading

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Kerrygold, Ballymaloe and fried brain

(Cute natural arch in front of the church) We are making great progress considering how we dawdled at the Le Mont. But between the clock change and the new routine my brain is fried. So it is great to have … Continue reading

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Le Mont

(Le Mont St Michel. Sun was just gone down) We arrived at Beauvoir (means beautiful view) last night about ten minutes before sunset. Beauvoir is a motor home site within walking distance of Mont St Michel. We plugged in the … Continue reading

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And…. We’re Off!

(From Greystones to…) It’s an absolutely beautiful day here in Ireland and we are on our travels again! It’s a bit later this year because last March we missed the snow in Ireland, so we waited to see what all … Continue reading

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Inspiration from home

(Colours on a grey day in Argentan after Grahame) We are making our way to the ferry via the Loire and now we have reached Normandy. All the time the weather is getting colder. The little indicator on the gas … Continue reading

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(Can you see the hedges zigzagging up to the château? That’s the road) On Thursday morning after breakfast I left our spot beside the river to climb to the château. It was cold, about 8 degrees but the sun was shining. … Continue reading

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