What they say…….

I went along without a particular goal in mind and was fired with enthusiasm for all the possibilities available to me. I learned new skills and loved the camaraderie and positive energy of the course. All for one and one for all!


Someone once said:

“The key to happiness is having dreams…

…the key to success is making dreams come true”

This quote sums up the essense of SuccessTeams with Mairead Hennessy. If you have a dream, an inkling of something you want to have happen in your life, no matter how big or small, Success Teams, is a highly practical way to actually make your dreams and wishes come true.

Not only did I find this course great fun, not only did I meet great people of like mind with a desire to come together and make things happen, over the weeks my dreams did happen and whats more are continuing to unfold.This course is great fun and highly empowering. It will inspire you to realize HOW to make your dreams comes true and the true value of what that entails.

Mairead is a highly inspirational leader, she truly walks her talk and is great model for Success Teams. She has a great sense of humour and makes this profound journey, joyful, vibrant and grounded in reality.

So thank you Mairead, Wishcrafter extraordinaire.


My name is Molly Rockett and I was a participant in Mairead Hennessy’s  first ‘Success Teams’ group. Not really knowing what to expect of the course or of the participants on it I was a little nervous.

I needn’t have been. the exercises brought us together in a fun way and helped us to make a supportive connection with each other almost from the start. The course helped us explore what we wanted, for and of ourselves. It threw up a couple of surprises,  and minds and mindsets were changed along the way. Some of my goals were big, some small ,some fun and some frightening. Whatever your goal Mairead’s  insight, knowledge of how people tick, sense of fun and humor help bring you closer to your goal, to your true self. Mairead has a great and gentle knack of bringing you back to your true goal whenever you wander from it. We as a group still meet to help support each other in achieving our goals and I feel some strong friendships are developing.

Watch out for her time piece.

Enjoy the Journey


The Success Team was great – a fun and focused way to get things done that I previously might have been nervous about doing or mightn’t have even considered doing. I loved the exercises and the way being part of a group helped me to stay focused on going after my dreams. Thank you Mairead for bringing this little piece of magic into my life.


Success Teams – How to Get what you want….even if you have no goals, don’t know how to get them and you’re often in a lousy mood!