It’s not too late….

A seed germinates in the right environment

Megan went to science camp last summer and learned by experimentation what was required to give a seed the best possible chance of thriving. She had four seeds each one in a pot containing cotton wool. She gave the first seed water and placed it on a sunny window sill. She placed the second seed on the sunny window sill too, but without adding water. She gave the third seed water and placed it in the fridge. The fourth seed, she put outside on a bench.

Which seed do you think germinated?

When you were growing your environment also affected your results. The food you were given, the educational system you attended, the friends you had, the encouragement and respect that was given to your unique kind of genius.

Your genius showed up in the games you loved to play, the things you loved to do, the stories you loved to read, the day-dreams you loved to have.

If, like most people, you didn’t live in the perfect environment, then you will have dreams and wishes waiting for that encouragement and respect.

It’s not too late….

Within a few days Megan had learned a lot about environment. Only one seed had begun to grow – the one with the water that sat on the sunny window sill.

When Megan had finished her experiment she  wanted to give all the seeds a second chance. So she took the seed out of the fridge and put it on the window sill. Then she added water to the the dry seed and both seeds began to grow.

It’s not too late….