Life Coaching

How might Life Coaching help?

Sometimes, all we need is to read something inspirational, attend a course, commit to daily meditation or nourish our creativity in order to recognise ourselves. At other times we need a guide. Life Coaching is where we meet in one-to-one sessions. During and between sessions you learn how to recognise the real you. Recognise the things that make you unique. The things that hint at what it is you want to be doing in the world. The things that hint at what you need to stop doing….

Life can be stressful, Life Coaching gives you perspective, gives you a bit of distance to see more clearly what is going on and what you want to have going on in the future. I charge €50 for a session which lasts about an hour.

There’s plenty of ways to look at an annoying situation, you don’t have to struggle alone.

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