Introduction to NLP for Life Coaching

We sometimes ignore the treasure buried inside ourselves. Uncover your treasure and use it to have the life you want.

This course makes use of resources from psychology, counselling, NLP, MythoSelf© and Personal Development. Practical exercises allow you to become aware of what uniquely works for you.

Examining such topics as Awareness – how we often mistake OUR version of reality for the real thing – how to enhance your awareness of reality; Communication – how to understand the meaning behind the words and the gestures, how flexibility can help you get your message across; Resources – “you have all the resources you need”, how to locate and use your resources to fulfill your true potential; Goals – how to uncover what you want and how to achieve it; Reframing – make a change in your position to a more helpful and positive perspective in order to resolve conflict and enhance inner peace.

Begining: 20th September 2010

Where: Bray Institute of Further Education; (and from 28th September at Coláiste Chraobh Abhann, Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow, called NLP for Self Coaching)

To book please call

Michael at 086 1571050 or

Bray Institute of Further Education at 2866111 or

Coláiste Chraobh Abhann, Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow, 2870198,, website:

What people say about this work:

“…. helped me to get in touch with my strengths and resources. Made me think about my goals which I haven’t thought about in a long time.” Lisa Maria

“Hey, you know you keep going on about wishing you had superpowers to take on the world?….this course will give you them!” Noel

Do you sense there’s more to YOU?

Do you want to dream about what might have been? Or fulfill your life’s dream?

Are you stuck in a rut? Or do you want to find out what you really want?

Do you want to keep everyone else happy? Or achieve one of your goals before it’s “too late”?

Do you want to live in the present? Or worry about the future? Or relive the past?

Do you want to say ‘No’ without having to feel guilty? Or do you want to ignore the possibilities of a life lived with meaning?