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Ok we’re home now….

(Charlottenburg Palace) Right, let’s get a few things straight. I will want you to remind me of these if I mention another holiday. So pay close attention: 1. Irish-type weather suits me, even though I love sunshine…. it’s not my … Continue reading

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Taxi Tour Guide

(Lunch…. looking like a green moustached little man?) We had a very interesting conversation with our taxi driver on the way to the airport. He’d lived in Berlin for sixteen years and loved it. As a teenager he’d been taken on … Continue reading

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We’re going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

Berlin Zoo today. Up early was the plan. Plan failed. After a breakfast of orange juice, coffee, custard Danish and currywurst (the boys only) we set off. By midday we had arrived. It’s a very old Zoo in the heart … Continue reading

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A bit of history (apologies to history scholars)

(Lunch) Ok we’re in Berlin… on the west side… not that it matters any more. But it used to matter. Back in 1961 they built a wall, the Russians did, all around west Berlin. Yes, the wall wasn’t just along … Continue reading

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