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Swirling currents and calm patches while we’re here.

(Part of Grey Abbey) After the Physic Garden we wandered around Grey Abbey. It’s in ruins now with only a few walls still standing, but there are helpful drawings dotted around to show us what it looked like when it … Continue reading

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The sun always shines… even if we can’t see it.

(Shadows) Would you believe, it’s very sunny today? It is! It’s not very hot and there are a few black clouds on the horizon but overhead the skies are blue and the summer shadows are very pretty. I was thinking that … Continue reading

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Grow your own… dreams.

(Ripening tomato) There were a lot of things growing while I was in the Wilderness, tomatoes, courgettes, lettuce, weeds, to name a few. Each night as I watered the plants in the greenhouse I was able to notice their progress. … Continue reading

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We’re Back in Ireland

(We didn’t take think it was worth the risk) We’re back on Irish soil again and for a few days it’s been very hot and sunny. Today is rainy but I have high hopes for tomorrow. I also have high … Continue reading

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Morning Pages

(Come on in….) A long time ago I read the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. In it, there’s an exercise called Morning Pages. The idea is that every morning before you do anything else, you take our your … Continue reading

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Stormy Seas

(Here comes trouble) There we were sitting happily in our cabin about 9pm on Wednesday, last week. Me typing my blog, Denis doing something work-ish. And the captain comes on the speaker with the warning that things would be a … Continue reading

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The story of Zac and the pooh.

During December I spent some time with my nine year-old niece, who seems to attract trouble, skillfully! She has inspired me to write the following story. (By the way, my sister, her Mum, discovered that she had started to re-write the … Continue reading

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