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The first step…

      (Cangas de Onis. Old Roman Bridge) Home today (Wednesday) is a car park in Cangas de Onis, a very attractive town on the edge of the Picos mountain range in northern Spain. The sun is shining and it’s … Continue reading

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The rainy season has arrived…. time for a story change!

(Lovely day in Cashel, Co. Tipperary on Saturday) It rained all day yesterday and it looks like it’s ready to do the same today. As always it’s funny how I get used to the weather and think it’ll never be … Continue reading

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I Like Change!

( Placemat pattern) I have taken a writing break and what a great break it was! I’m back and nothing has changed…. In general most people say they hate change. But maybe it’s forced change they hate? Because every day, every … Continue reading

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