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Under the tree in Beauvais

We’re on the way home now. Right after our Disney experience we went to Beauvais (you might know it because Ryanair flies into Beauvais airport.) The weather was still hot but we managed to park under a tree at the … Continue reading

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It’s over… for now

(A wedding in Surgeres… Thinking of you, Linda and Paul!) We’re sitting on the ferry hearing Irish voices for the first time in a long time. Mostly they sound kinda nice, friendly, sing-songy, ordinary, gentle too. I was getting used … Continue reading

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I know what you mean…..

(Fred among the weeds) Something funny is happening to my computer today. I think it might need that debugger that Apple were announcing. Funny thing is ….. my cat, Fred, is unwell too….. not too sure what’s wrong, just not himself. … Continue reading

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