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Creative Pathfinding

(More pictures from the place by the sea, Cóbreces) We had a bit of a hiccup this morning… it started to rain. Ok so I’m not saying we can’t cope with rain, of course I’m not. It’s just you build … Continue reading

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How I wrote a book not entirely on my own

(There was a Time Machine in Besançon… or it might have been a Time Museum) Settle down, grab a cuppa and let me tell you the story of how I wrote a book with the help of six generous, creative … Continue reading

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I’d rather not tell you…

(I’ll be making cards this time. I’ve been practising) I’ve checked the calendar and there are just three weeks left until we board the ferry at Cherbourg to come home…and the weekend after that, 17th November,  I’m going to be … Continue reading

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Thanks Mam, for Picking my Dad

(Our bridge at Alcacer do Sal in the afternoon…) It’s my Dad’s birthday today. He died on this day 16 yeas ago, but he’s alive in everything I do. For instance this week he was at the Creativity Workshop with … Continue reading

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Beware of: Beware of Pickpockets!

(Black and white and red and green Lisbon…) It’s 4am. I’m awake. I think. This week has been like a dream, maybe I’m not awake… Here’s what happened at the workshop (and here’s a link to the website: thecreativityworkshop.com) Shelley … Continue reading

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Sometimes it rains in Portugal…

It’s raining! I know you will be disappointed for me but I’m ok, I have some work to do so it’s probably just as well I won’t be able to sit outside sunning myself… I hear it’s sunny in Ireland! … Continue reading

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Kickstart Your Creativity in 2014

Creative Space Sessions. You might think you haven’t a creativity bone in your body and you might be right! Creative bones need to be nurtured and what have you been doing to nurture them? Saying things like, “I’m no good at drawing… … Continue reading

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The Apron of Focus.

(My ceramic apron) It’s been a really beautiful day here today in Greystones – sunshine, blue shies and little fluffy clouds. I’m still working on my wall painting, but I sense there’s a strong possibility it won’t in fact take … Continue reading

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Turn off your DLPFC!

(Mixed media in progress…) I’ve been reading and listening to Jonah Lehrer’s book Imagine How Creativity Works. I listened to it last summer with the hens in the forest. They weren’t hugely impressed with Jonah but I really like him … Continue reading

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Friday Quote – Get Creative!

    “Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” – Albert Einstein    And pick it up, Mairead.    

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Killruddery Farm Market is on again this Saturday.

(This way…) Last month we went to the Killruddery Farm Market again and it was lovely again. As it happens only once a month (for the moment) I decided to keep the pictures until just before this month’s one, so … Continue reading

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