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The rainy season has arrived…. time for a story change!

(Lovely day in Cashel, Co. Tipperary on Saturday) It rained all day yesterday and it looks like it’s ready to do the same today. As always it’s funny how I get used to the weather and think it’ll never be … Continue reading

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Helen Kearney’s welcome home.

(Picture of Helen Kearney in London. Source: Scott Heavey/Getty Images Europe) I have more photos and things to say about Canada but first I want to tell you where I was on Saturday afternoon. I went to join hundreds of others … Continue reading

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The passionate (and very funny) guide from Fort George.

(Everything in Canada is in English and French) After the power station we went to Fort George, (you can watch a video about its role in the Canadian (British) – American war of 1813) an old British Army Fort. The original … Continue reading

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Friday Quote – You can do it!

(You see that dot on the picture? That’s a man walking a tightrope between two (very tall) buildings in Niagara….)   “People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things.”—Norman Vincent Peale     Our … Continue reading

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Walking in Delgany Graveyard.

(One of the oldest gravestones with the sunburst motif) On Friday morning when I should have been packing (more about that later…) I was in a graveyard listening to a woman with a passion. It was Delgany graveyard and the … Continue reading

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Japanese Gardens Co. Kildare

(The Bridge of Life) Yesterday we went to the Japanese Gardens. Our admission included a tour of the National Stud (horses) but we just went for the garden and the food. We arrived around midday and it was busy, tour … Continue reading

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Keep your eye on the ball!

(My Dad’s garage and petrol pumps in the 1960’s) My Dad had a saying “Keep your eye on the ball.” It probably comes from his days teaching young lads to play hurling, encouraging them to  look at the ball while … Continue reading

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The Fishing Village.

(View from the car park) We’re back home but still remembering our visit up north, today it’s the fishing village of Kearney. It’s no longer a fishing village, it is owned and managed by the National Trust (conservation organisation) since … Continue reading

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A Town of Runners – beautiful.

(Remembering my girls) Last night we went to see a beautiful movie  – A Town of Runners. It was set in Ethiopia, in a small town called Bekoji. There was only a dirt road from the town so it has … Continue reading

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Grow your own… dreams.

(Ripening tomato) There were a lot of things growing while I was in the Wilderness, tomatoes, courgettes, lettuce, weeds, to name a few. Each night as I watered the plants in the greenhouse I was able to notice their progress. … Continue reading

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Report from the Wilderness.

(River on one side) I’m out in the wilderness for a while….. and I don’t mean metaphorically. I’m living in the middle of the forest with a lake on one side of the road and a river on the other. … Continue reading

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Fear and Hand Holding in Swansea…..

(Butterfly enjoying the sun) The last stop on our Round the United Kingdom, Short Motorbike Tour was Swansea. We went there to attend our daughter’s end of year exhibition. Twelve movies in one evening… don’t worry they were short, about … Continue reading

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Kilruddery Food Market has crafts?

(Fiona from Treasurepalace) Yesterday for our Saturday date we went to Killruddery Food Market. I think it just started this weekend, but I could be wrong. Anyway, this is the first we’ve heard of it and it will be running … Continue reading

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Canada Dreaming

(The brasserie two doors down sells Murphy’s!) We got up this morning in silence – the hotel’s closed and it’s our last day.  Our boat doesn’t leave until 9pm so we decided to visit some more of the D-Day museums, … Continue reading

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