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What if life was just about being?

I often think about the messages life brings us… not necessarily the hard messages, the illnesses or the problems. But the small warm and gentle encouraging messages. Messages that in a normal day, we can miss. Continue reading

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The first step…

      (Cangas de Onis. Old Roman Bridge) Home today (Wednesday) is a car park in Cangas de Onis, a very attractive town on the edge of the Picos mountain range in northern Spain. The sun is shining and it’s … Continue reading

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Nice name, shame about the….

(I LOVE bunting. I have even been knitting bunting on this trip and there’s some on it’s way to Canada and Cashel…) Remember I was saying there were all these wonderful free places to stay? Well, we’ve been mixing the … Continue reading

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Feeling the Sky

(Star rising) I wish I could show you the sky last night. It was the same as the sky above you but maybe you weren’t outside. Or maybe you were busy and you forgot to look up. Anyway, last night … Continue reading

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Crossing Over to the Other Side

(Path around the lake beside the aires at St-Amand-Montrond) It’s September, the sun is shining, I am sitting in McDonalds drinking coffee and sharing their lovely wifi and their lovely electricity. We’re back in France! We crossed over on Saturday … Continue reading

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First Steps to Portugal

(From a lovely little book called One Small Step Can Change Your Life, Robert Maurer) We’re travelling again. This time, Portugal. We’ve never been to Portugal. It’s a long way, the sat nav says it will take 17 hours from … Continue reading

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It’s over… for now

(A wedding in Surgeres… Thinking of you, Linda and Paul!) We’re sitting on the ferry hearing Irish voices for the first time in a long time. Mostly they sound kinda nice, friendly, sing-songy, ordinary, gentle too. I was getting used … Continue reading

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