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Boating around Besançon

(Can you see the assistant? She sitting waiting for us to enter the lock) I nearly forgot to tell you about the boat ride. So let’s go back to last Thursday. A glorious day in Besançon I found the tourist … Continue reading

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Loop Le Doubs

(Can you see me on the boat, on the river Doubs, that loops around Besançon) Yesterday after finding the tourist office and using their very good wifi, I went for a boat trip. But first… I got my hair cut, … Continue reading

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The Salt Factory

(Entrance to La Saline Royale at Arc-et-Senans) Today we are at a salt factory – not like any factory I’ve ever seen and nowhere near the sea in a place called Arc-et-Senans in the Franche-Comté region. (Just to the right of … Continue reading

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Quiet town in France has deadly secret…

(Quiet little town… or is it?) We stayed in a noisy place last night so I’m tired today. We often see comments on the app about aires where noisy youths having late night parties in the car park keep the … Continue reading

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Rust and Decay

(Welcome. Settle yourself. We are in the vines… can’t you just imagine?) Yesterday we were in Beaujolais and I am completely sure of that because we stayed at a wine farm and the wine they produce is Beaujolais! We had … Continue reading

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Where are we, now?

We’re in Beaujolais! Another day, another wine-producing region! But before I get into that I want to show you where we’ve been – Burgundy, on our map of France… (This is a rough estimate of the location. You can see … Continue reading

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Au Revoir Voie Verte!

(Look a little flower on the Voie Verte) We seem to have finally left the Voie Vert, the greenway on the old railway tracks. I am missing it. We are in a small village surrounded by vineyards now so we … Continue reading

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