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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

(This is clematis and it is going to look beautiful soon… possibly) New experiences continue here and we’re like children (nice children, not cranky children…) as we discover different ways to be in the world together. Denis has returned to … Continue reading

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The Journey

Today is the day we were booked to travel on the ferry from Rosslare to France ❤️ then onto Spain ❤️ on our journey to Portugal ❤️. Right about now I would be writing my first post from the car … Continue reading

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Is this morning sickness?

(I like this house in the middle of the city. It’s behind a big gate, I peeped in…) I think I might be pregnant or I’m a gardener… it’s one or the other, I’m not sure. (Who lives at 55?) … Continue reading

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Free Food! Free Food! Free Food!

(The sky last night and that’s a small plane up there) I want to walk every day after breakfast while I’m here, just for twenty minutes, a budding exercise routine. So this morning I got up a bit earlier than … Continue reading

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It’s Saturday in the countryside and I’m feeling lucky.

We finally arrived. The boat stopped and we were amazingly lucky to be in the line that moved out first. Not that it really matters who gets off first but it feels like being allowed out to play from school, … Continue reading

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The Botanic Gardens in the rain.

(The Botanic Gardens in Dublin) I went to visit the Botanic Gardens in Dublin last Monday. Although it’s less than an hour away I’d never been before. Not for the first time I’ve contemplated going on holidays to my own … Continue reading

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Japanese Gardens Co. Kildare

(The Bridge of Life) Yesterday we went to the Japanese Gardens. Our admission included a tour of the National Stud (horses) but we just went for the garden and the food. We arrived around midday and it was busy, tour … Continue reading

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Visiting Lord and Lady Londonderry…. well… their house.

(Mount Stewart house and a little of the Italian garden) Mount Stewart was the home of Lord and Lady Londonderry. It is beside Strangford Lough on the peninsula side and like the fishing village it is also owned by the … Continue reading

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Princess Affreca and my new hens.

(We travelled the peninsula and the lough) We went to Northern Ireland for the weekend to visit friends (Hi Naomi and Liam!) They were excellent travel guides and packed a lot in – including a picnic. I’ve grabbed a map … Continue reading

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Killruddery Farm Market is on again this Saturday.

(This way…) Last month we went to the Killruddery Farm Market again and it was lovely again. As it happens only once a month (for the moment) I decided to keep the pictures until just before this month’s one, so … Continue reading

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A Town of Runners – beautiful.

(Remembering my girls) Last night we went to see a beautiful movie  – A Town of Runners. It was set in Ethiopia, in a small town called Bekoji. There was only a dirt road from the town so it has … Continue reading

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Pause…. now, have a look at that thing you did….

(Seagull, taking a pause in Bath) I was digging in the garden yesterday and my project is very close to completion. You might remember the garden was overrun by weeds and I wondered how I might clear it? Turns out … Continue reading

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Sunshine, water and an excellent lawnmower.

(Some blue sky) Yesterday provided a few little challenges for me… or maybe I provided them myself. It was sunny again so I figured this was a perfect opportunity to cut the grass. Two days of rain followed by a … Continue reading

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Organic Gardening.

(Tip: Take in your garden tools at the end of the summer) While I was out in the garden just now, I was thinking about organic change. You might remember the situation with the very tall and healthy weeds in the … Continue reading

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