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Watch La Luna by Pixar!

(Butterfly on lavender at Powerscourt Estate) I watched a beautiful short movie on Sunday… here’s the blurb about it. There’s a little boy, his father and his grandfather and they are out in their boat. In the beginning of the … Continue reading

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Fear and Hand Holding in Swansea…..

(Butterfly enjoying the sun) The last stop on our Round the United Kingdom, Short Motorbike Tour was Swansea. We went there to attend our daughter’s end of year exhibition. Twelve movies in one evening… don’t worry they were short, about … Continue reading

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Really, Moira, it was no trouble :)

(View from the dart) Friday was an odd day. I went to Dublin on the Dart. I didn’t bring an umbrella, probably just as well – gusting winds. I didn’t bring a hat, so hair a bit streely (old Tipperary … Continue reading

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Birds and Toddlers do it.

(A Robin) The birds are singing outside the window again as I write and I continue to be amazed at how much their singing affects me. For the better. I’m cheered just listening to them do their thing. They have … Continue reading

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A belief is only an opinion we think is true…

(3fe Abbey Street Dublin) Still here at 3fe, it’s very busy but they haven’t asked me to leave…yet! So yesterday, I was talking about tying ourselves to a belief. I have another belief to share. When I was eighteen and … Continue reading

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Ok we’re home now….

(Charlottenburg Palace) Right, let’s get a few things straight. I will want you to remind me of these if I mention another holiday. So pay close attention: 1. Irish-type weather suits me, even though I love sunshine…. it’s not my … Continue reading

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(Thank you note) I got a beautiful Thank you note from my niece this morning. It was pink and had hearts and flowers on it, all things I love. She said she loved the gift we had given her. But…. … Continue reading

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