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Cats, one mouse, a fox and two hens – it all ends well… oh, not for the mouse.

(Our favourite position on the sofa) I was sitting on the sofa this morning writing when I heard one of the cats meowing. It was a plaintive meow. As both the garden door and the secret cat window were open … Continue reading

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Poor Fred

(Pink geraniums in an old seed box) We’re all feeling the love for our cat, Fred, at the moment. He’s not well. We brought him to the vet. He has viral gingivitis, which means his mouth hurts…. a lot. When … Continue reading

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Awful Arabella

(Maybe it’s time to cut the grass) Ok, assignment well on the way to being finished… so I’ll take a break to tell you a story. When our children were little I used to love reading to them. I think … Continue reading

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