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The Salt Factory

(Entrance to La Saline Royale at Arc-et-Senans) Today we are at a salt factory – not like any factory I’ve ever seen and nowhere near the sea in a place called Arc-et-Senans in the Franche-Comté region. (Just to the right of … Continue reading

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Quiet town in France has deadly secret…

(Quiet little town… or is it?) We stayed in a noisy place last night so I’m tired today. We often see comments on the app about aires where noisy youths having late night parties in the car park keep the … Continue reading

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Rust and Decay

(Welcome. Settle yourself. We are in the vines… can’t you just imagine?) Yesterday we were in Beaujolais and I am completely sure of that because we stayed at a wine farm and the wine they produce is Beaujolais! We had … Continue reading

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Nice Little Things

(The market in Saint-Gengoux-le-National) I love this Voie Verte greenway. Everyone who travels on it seems very happy. All the bonjours are lovely. We have moved on again but we are still on the greenway. About an hour by road … Continue reading

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Peaceful Day on the Greenway

(A grey day in the town at the top of the hill) We’re still here beside the Voie Verte (Greenway) and it’s so peaceful. Just a few cyclist, some walkers and two other motorhomes here today. Monday is always a … Continue reading

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This is Burgundy…

(Tourist map of Burgundy – Bourgogne in French) My trip on Valerie and Stewart’s boat has definitely affected our travel distances over the past week. (By the way, the boat is for sale!) It’s possible to fit our last seven … Continue reading

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Paying it Backwards…

(Look! It’s Camille’s house!) About 28 years ago we visited France with our two-year old daughter. We took the ferry from Cork to Roscoff and drove our car due south. We stayed in small hotels all along the Loire and … Continue reading

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