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Moving Day

(This way to the deserted village…) We’re moving on today to Porto or Oporto as the locals call it. First we went for a walk in Vila Nova de Cerveira. I had noticed big green doors leading into a courtyard … Continue reading

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How to find the supermarket

(For when you want some alone time…) We’ve been in this town before. I don’t remember much about it but when I needed to get some groceries I remembered enough. (Or there’s a table and chair for writing with a … Continue reading

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Normal Service Resumes

(There’s the border, remember when borders were places you had to stop and show your passport?) We have arrived in Portugal and the weather has changed! There’s heat! We had decided to go just one hour south from Santiago but … Continue reading

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The stars aligned

(The cathedral which is built on the site of the original church. The original tomb is in the basement) We’re leaving Santiago de Compostela today. My friend and I went on a free tour of the town yesterday. It was … Continue reading

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Did you watch the Late, Late?

(The Camino Natural de la Ruta del Cantabrico) First of all, sorry if you did watch, no, my sister wasn’t on the Late Late Show (longest broadcasting show in Ireland, imagine.) No, you didn’t miss her singing – they cut … Continue reading

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Change of Plans

(See the snow on the mountains outside town?) There I was getting a quick look (literally, I’m not joking, 30 seconds of a look) at the pretty pictures on Instagram and I spot my best friend/bridesmaid from the 80’s who … Continue reading

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Nice cow

We are continuing our journey along northern Spain… slowly. We’ve reduced the driving time to an hour so Denis can work as normal. And we are zig zagging across the motorway (not as dangerous as it sounds) to spend a night near the sea followed by a night in the hills. Continue reading

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