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New Normal Gifting

I could hear Eilish rustling papers in the larder and wanted to know what she was up to, she told me to stop being so curious. Next thing she arrives out with a brown paper parcel tied with yarn. It … Continue reading

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I might be hallucinating…

(We found another amazing Beautiful Village of France) It’s a wee bit dreary today. I’d love to sit by the fire eating some scones just out of the oven. I suppose it had to happen, I’m suffering from scone-sickness. Croissants, … Continue reading

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The doors

(This door in Couhé) I love old doors in France, especially when they are framed by stone or wood or greenery. This town was mentioned in the old sign yesterday and now here we are rambling along its streets. It’s … Continue reading

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A sign of the times…

(This barn wall looks like a piece of mosaic art) Sometimes when I can’t think of what to tell you at the end of a day I look at the pictures I’ve taken. I’m often surprised at what I see. … Continue reading

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Four Degrees!

(Sunny evening in Coubon on the Loire) We stayed in a town called Coubon last night. It was 4 degrees Celsius this morning when I got up. Four…. It was 12 degrees at home in Greystones! I got dressed in … Continue reading

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Everyday Fearless

(The Book!) I did it! I finished writing my book about our journey earlier this year to Portugal and I’m really excited. (I’m sick with anxiety too but as that feels very like excitement I’m grand.) Do you remember I … Continue reading

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The end is in sight…

(You might be able to make out the motorhomes in the distance?) We have found a lovely spot beside the river Yonne and after all my talk yesterday about the magic of constantly moving on we’ve decided to stay a … Continue reading

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