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Creative Pathfinding

(More pictures from the place by the sea, Cóbreces) We had a bit of a hiccup this morning… it started to rain. Ok so I’m not saying we can’t cope with rain, of course I’m not. It’s just you build … Continue reading

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Kerrygold, Ballymaloe and fried brain

(Cute natural arch in front of the church) We are making great progress considering how we dawdled at the Le Mont. But between the clock change and the new routine my brain is fried. So it is great to have … Continue reading

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The beautiful animal park in Cléres

(The pink Flamingos and some random ducks) I mentioned yesterday that there is a zoo here in Cléres and today we went on a visit. As it’s France, of course this would not be an ordinary zoo, this is a … Continue reading

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I think… a lot

(The rocks at the lighthouse near Sagres, Portugal) It’s coming towards the end of this journey and as always my mind stops living in the present and moves ahead. It’s very counter productive because on the one hand I am … Continue reading

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