The Hero’s Journey

A long time ago a guy called Joseph Campbell fell in love with Mythology. He travelled the world studying it and eventually taught across the United States of America. He fell in love with it because it spoke to him – about his life and the things that were happening to him. He realised the stories helped him to see his life situations in a different, more useful way. He guessed that the ancient peoples who created this Mythology did so to help themselves cope with their, often difficult, lives.

In 1949 he wrote a book called The Hero with a Thousand Faces to teach modern man how to use Mythology as a guide to living in this world. What he wrote about was a theme he called the Monomyth, now known as the Hero’s Journey. This theme he discovered, ran through the stories of every ancient culture.

Mythology can help us too. More specifically Campbell’s Hero’s Journey can help us.

You are on a Hero’s Journey. The life situation you are going through now can be looked at from the perspective of the Hero. You are the Hero and this is your adventure.