Get to know the real you……

From my mid-twenties until my forties I was angry! With almost everyone and almost everything. If you’d like to read the details check out My Story page, otherwise just trust me, I was angry. Not that I knew it at the time, back then I thought I was a bit irritated by the people and things that were annoying me!

In my thirties I had a liver biopsy and the medical people said,

“You have auto-immune hepatitis.”,

the new-age people said,

“Hepatitis? The liver! Oh, you have anger issues.”

and I said,

“Anger, I’ve never been angry in my life, everyone says I’m the nicest person you could meet! But now I’m very annoyed with my liver and with these medical people and with you new-agers, too actually! And what the “beep” is auto-immune hepatitis?”

Since then it seems that circumstances have arranged themselves to make it possible for me to become not only healthy, but also peaceful. The constant pain and irritation I felt (that’s how I experienced anger from the inside) is gone.

My experiences have given me some gifts:

A unique perspective which gives me an ability to listen to other people’s stories. I really listen and that creates a space for others to recognise themselves, to really get to know who they are.

Can you imagine what it’s like to see the real you, to hear your real voice, to feel “this is me”?. In the begining many people are afraid to meet their real selves.”What if I don’t like myself?”,”What if… I’m weak and shallow?”.

I know what it’s like to be filled with pain on the inside, when no one seems to understand because on the outside, everything is perfect. So I find it really easy to reassure and empathize with my clients. They come to discover, with me, that there is nothing to worry about because their real self is powerful and beautiful. Your real self is powerful and beautiful.

I guide my clients gently from their pain through their passion to their power. Your real self knows what you want and will assist you in getting it, moment by moment. One small step at a time.

Do you want to be at peace? Do you want to tell me your story? Do you want to get to know the real you?

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