The Dream Reality Workshop 2013

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We discovered Pontlevoy in September 2010 at the end of a four-week motorbike tour of France. On a damp afternoon we rode into a small street beside the Abbey, where Michele (from England) and her friend Michel (from France) were waiting for us outside her home. Almost immediately we were joking and laughing and within hours we were sitting around a real fire sharing a bottle of red wine and contemplating dinner.

French Poppies

We found Michele through a website that provides a place for people to offer a room in their house to paying guests. Michele has just started to renovate her home and she needed to take in paying guests in order to pay for it. We were one of the first. We had been on the road for nearly four weeks by the time we arrived in Pontelovoy. We were used to meeting new people and we were open to what might happen but this was different…….

Michele was beginning a new life in a foreign country with a foreign language and a new business…. and she wasn’t at all sure things were going to be ok. She was living the dream and she was at the hard work end of that dream.

When I decided to run this workshop Michele’s home seemed like the perfect place. In this house, formerly the home and shop of the photographer and the watchmaker Monsieur Clergeau, there was a dream in the making. In this house, there was hard work, progress, possibility, joy. Your dream (What if you don’t know your dream?) may not require moving to a new house or a new country, but in this house you can be inspired by the realisation that if it did, then it would be possible. In this house you can see that no dream is impossible.

It might not be clear to you but for a dream to be realised, it is necessary to do something! What that something is depends on the dream, but it always includes action. Step by step action until you reach that dream.


In the Dream Reality Workshop I will be guiding you to uncover the real you, the one who knows your dream. Too often we decide what we want based on what we should want or what others tell us that we want. If you can’t decide what you’ll have for dinner or what movie you’ll watch, then it can be helpful to know what other people think. But when it’s about your dream…. then it’s probably best to be really sure you want it because getting your dream involves lots of action (i.e. hard work….) from you!

When you’ve uncovered the real you it’s easier to get a sense of your dream. The first sense might not be the BIG dream, that’s okay, there’s plenty of time for the big one, you can start with a little one! With a clearer idea of what you want it’s time to look at how you can get it! This is how your dream becomes a reality.

Before you get carried away and think that you’ll have fulfilled your dream by the end of the workshop or even that you’ll know exactly what your dream is……. wait! These things cannot be rushed. I know you may have a very fast paced life where you come from (and maybe that’s what you don’t want?) but following your dream happens one step at a time. You uncover the real you one step at a time and you need to give yourself that time…. that’s why this workshop also includes guided relaxation.

French Lane

In April 2011 we set off again on the motorbike, this time to Spain, and on our way back home we stayed with Michele. That first time both of us were struck by the courage of this woman and we very quickly settled into her home and were exchanging life stories. We were on a dream journey ourselves and recognised a companion on the road. When you begin the journey of your dream it’s helpful to surround yourself with other dreamers.

Every time we do what we want we are in training for our dream. Like the Beatles in Hamburg we are doing the work now putting in our time in the 10,000 hours university.

But the problem is… most of us are not doing the work now. We want to do it… but we feel guilty doing what we want to do. Back in Liverpool when the Beatles were offered the opportunity to play as much as they wanted in Hamburg, they didn’t say “no, I have to stay here and find a steady job to pay the mortgage”. They said “you bet, when do we start.” And in the end (after lots of hard work) this decision did allow them to pay a mortgage or two.

It’s a lonely road, the one to what you want. Not many people will walk with you towards your crazy dream. Not many people will encourage you to do what you want. Not many people will believe you can succeed that way. Not many people will want you to live that way. So… you’ll have to have courage and….. you’ll have to be willing to look stupid! But…. if you’re lucky, the pull to the life you want will be so strong you won’t care what anyone else thinks.

But whether you’re lucky or not it helps to have a few supporters. On the workshop each participant will become a supporter. They will believe in you when you can’t and they will continue to remind you that what you want is important. It is important.

On this workshop there will be French food, there will be excursions to a chateau or two, a winery, a cheese maker. There will be talking, walking, fun and laughter. There will be creativity.

So, what do you want?

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